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    Lesson One – Overview of Level 2 course
    .    focus on how we perform various skills
    .    attempt to determine how we could perform  these skills……BIOMECHANICS
    .    using this information detect and attempt  to correct obvious errors in mechanics to  improve performance
    .    task improvement scores  points due to target accuracy, wider range of  motion,  alertness, quickness, taking shots which have  better odds

    1.    Break the Skill Down
    .    preliminary movements
    .    backswing or Recovery movements
    .    the critical instant
    .    the follow-through

    2.    Tips
    .    (a) Move but don’t rush
    .    (b)watch the ball  from opponent to you
    .    (c)maintain a slow even pace
    .    (d)concentrate on the rhythm of your body
    .    (e)imagine the ball from paddle to target

    3.      Demonstrate the 7 aspects of the forehand drive
    .    move to the ball
    .    arm extended
    .    knees slightly bent
    .    pivot right
    .    apply force at the apex of the bounce near waist level
    .    foot forward – aim @ target and step into it at the critical point
    .    follow through

    4.    Demonstrate the aspects of the Backhand Drive
    .    sames 7 steps as above

    5.     Practice on the Wall (weekly drill)
    .    20 forehand
    .    20 backhand

    6.    During this drill, sit down with each individually  and ask what they would like to get out of this course.
    Record on file folder, with evaluation form inside.

    7.    Set up play  –  person 1   (or instructor) hits the ball to  opposite court to person 3                     who returns forehand drive from across court to target.
    Person 2 records how many of the 7 aspects of the stroke are done or not done by a show of hands.
    Repeat from opposite side for  backhand drive.

    8.     Begin Singles
    .        cover serve and return of serve  – play 3 points and Switch teams.  Those off court keep score and advise if questioned.

    9.       Last 10 minutes play doubles.

    Lesson 2

    1.     Warm up exercises
    2.    Against the wall forehand and backhand – short volleys
    3.    Recap last week
    4.    Tips
    .    anticipate
    .    slow even pace
    .    concentrate on rhythm of your body-don’t overextend
    .    Imagery – visualize the ball travelling from your opponents  paddle to your target

    5.    Lesson Focus – Singles serve with spins
    Strategy and Net play
    Lobs and Smashes

    6.      Exercise:  Instructor lobs to each student  – they return lob
    Instructor lobs to each student – they smash
    .              Teams break up  – one lobs the other returns or  smashes
    .             Do Short Lob
    .            Medium Lob
    .            Long Lob

    7.     Finale:
    .    Long lob and charge the net

    8.    Play singles – emphasis on net play

    9.    10 minute doubles


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