Elim Village Wellness Fair Event

Here is a summary of our efforts.

After much preparation to demo Pickleball to 330 active seniors at this large retirement village, we decided the patio would be the place.
Armed with a table, two tents in case it rained, we set up our ” play area ” which was made of cinder block flooring under a tent with adjacent
tables and chairs for people to have lunch. Adding in the occupational wheelchair – it was a challenge indeed.

Thankfully, all who wished, learned the basic principles of the game, got to serve and volley and hopefully this brief exposure to some 50 people, will suffice to get them a program in the elementary school next door which the village has just purchased.

Always with these volunteer efforts, other side benefits accrue. This one provided contacts to key people in Burnaby who have an interest in starting a program as well as the schools adjacent who have asked us to come teach some 1000 students.

In addition , one head of one of our oldest Rec centers came to see if we could meet to improve his program which seems to him to be faltering.

As you can see, displaying is well worth the effort and time.
Yours in sport and health
Chuck Lefaive
Founding director
Ph – 604-536-9602

Photos from the South Surrey Tournament

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