Pickleball on a Squash Court

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Pickleball ??can be played on a squash court.

While in Chetwynd BC from June 6-10 ??? 2013 I had the pleasure to try playing our favorite sport ??in a squash court . It was fun. Description : use a sportime quicknet as the ball rolls under the half size net 10??? in width . This net fits exactly the dimensions of ??a squash court. Also, this squash court had a front wall ( see Pix ) that moves back some 8 feet to form a full court. You just push it out and it moves on sop rollers. Sportime has two sets, one the Quicknet 10 + 20??? net set that telegraphs to also do badminton. Sportime also has a ??Quicknet deluxe model that will play PB, tennis, badminton and volleyball in a full size 20??? and half size 10??? format.

Play : we played 2 on 1 using the service rules with no markings. Attention was paid to not encroach on the side lines as the was the wall. Great fun ensued and all worked up a bit of a sweat. We used jugs balls. It was postulated that with a little imagination we could play a form of paddleball , with our paddles and our jugs balls.

In this instance, we would use the two side walls illustrated and the back walls to return a volley or half volley and to score a point on our serve. In areas that do not have heavy usage of these courts, adding a little pickleball at more reasonable cost that 13.50 /hr should produce results for the Recreation center.

My repertoire of surfaces played on now include : Clay, grass, asphalt, wood, rug, concrete, rubberized below concrete, and inlay over ice. Any Questions ?


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