ScanSet the sails to ???

??? Cruisin??with Pickleball ???

Down under to

New Zealand ,

Australia and Fiji .

Some pix, a link and some seeds sown while??on a recent holiday and cruise with Princess.




Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Some 400 canadians took the cruise above for two weeks, some doing an add- on??section to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns Australia, some to Ayrs rock and some to Alice Springs and Douglas Point. ??Due to the length of the flight we took four days holiday in Fiji to break up the flight. ??It is quite tropical and hot. ??As a summary I made efforts to initiate Pickleball in the following locations which you will find on the pix link.


Princess Cruises and Celebrity have indicated they will put in Pickleball perhaps on a rotational basis on their 33 ships after June. People should bring their own paddles and balls and the ship will supply the portable set. On this cruise, it had a covered area above a pool where table tennis took place daily but there was not enough room to do PB.


First– ??The private Fiji Denaru Tennis Club indicated they would look at adding it for the two grass court areas for the Americans frequenting the several major?? hotels in the area.

Second– Akaroa has a little used tennis facility and petanque court that could be converted. One of the local business owners is looking into the feasibility of making this available to tourists from the cruise ships.

Third– In Hobart there is, ??handy to ship ??? the Domain Tennis Facility with clay, grass and hard court surfaces and a practice board in walking distance from the cruise ship terminal. ??They let us play in the warmup court next to the International Center court ( seats 2000 ) that the Williams sisters play??tourneys at. ( see pix) ??? we used chairs for end and side lines in order to get a little exercise. They did not charge us?? and were very welcoming as one of their members drove Rita and I to the club.


Fourth ??? several approaches and attempts with folks we met were made in??Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne and Bowral where we spent another week touring Canberra and the beaches of southeast Australia.

Let???s see if the seeds planted take hold????????? more to come maybe.

Enjoy the pix. ??More to come.


Yours in sport and health,

Chuck Lefaive ( and Rita )

Founding director

Ph ??? 604-536-9602

Note: if any of you have any down under stories or pix you would like to share, send them in and we will add them.


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