The BC Pickleball 2014 Outstanding Communications Award to Carol Bissell of Comox





?? ?? ??Carol started playing pickle ball in Campbell River following the second annual PB ??senior games . Campbell River at the time did not even have a program and one of their Programmers helped us to run the tournament with a computer program all set up and scheduling of all the games was done in advance. Following the games Carol attended a ” play and learn clinic put on by BC Pickleball instructors, headed by C Lefaive and subsequently started to play. When arriving into Comox she saw a need for communications to keep players abreast of what was happening both indoor, outdoor and regionally in Victoria as well as Nanaimo , two major regional centres adjacent.

??????????Carol has also taught new players and has an interest in kids and and schools . Last summer she organized a large outdoor play date at their lovely four court facility in a deserted Lacrosse box , using Sportive portable sets. Many from different areas came and had fun in a social interactive venue. Executives from BC Pickleball, Pickle Ball Canada and the World Pickle Ball Federation attended. The power of reporting, in a leadership manner earns Carol this award. Last year it was Ms Dorita Gaspar for teaching PB 7 yrs in a row in her school, and the year before, to Lori Vance for humanitarian effort to a man who had had a heart attack.

??????????In view of the rapid growth of the Comox, Courtenay, and Cumberland area as well as Campbell River – the fishing destination place , we have to thank Carol for all her efforts. I have heard that Telegraph Cove also wishes to start pickle ball in its high end fishing homes. With Whistler now coming on board, Mission, 108 mile house , and Cambie Rec center in Richmond – pickle ball is expanding in all directions.

??????Let’s hope next year, you will win the annual award for your volunteer efforts.So, let us know what you are doing.

????Chuck Lefaive

????ph – 604-536-9602

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