Yesterday, Jan 6, 1:45 – 3:15 some 16 new players arrived with and without invitation to do drop – in Pickleball . It was a free play / free instruction effort on the part of the Rec center and Erica Mark, the programmer. We thank the center and the programmer for this effort on their part, working in conjuction with BCPickleball and the program leader. All programs entered into in this way – have been successful – the key being instruction provided. Why is this important??? Well, since the average time allotted to play is 2 hrs and the time required esp with seniors to do the level 1 course is 7/12 hours, something doesn’t fit right. In this case, it is required not only to teach the course, monitor the players, but also condense the salient points to the bare minimum in order to get people into game, practice and ultimately, FUN.

Aki Takeda is the resident instructor here and is very pleasant and easy to learn from.He recorded all attendees so that an email contact list might be started . He also has supplied the green and white jugs balls that are lighter and less intrusive than the snowbird outdoor Dura ball that causes welts . Canada uses all jugs balls in all indoor tournaments recreational or competitive,in this country. The USA does few indoor tournaments at all.

An advertising brochure was attached to a tripod outside the front door of this Rec center so that passersby jogging or walking might see that Pickleball is offered . A neon sign would be better eh!?? Also nearby variety, grocery, and hotels were informed by flyer.?? Contacts and signups were put at all affiliated Rec centers.?? It was suggested that the Stanley park lawn bowlers would be a good catch as they do not play in the winter.?? Also, if any ESL classes take place in the area, this is a good way to integrate new arrivals to our culture – and it’s fun too.

Bcpickleball is looking at ways to let people know through the website that a new program is coming and to key in friends to those programs. Meantime, at South Surrey we have the opposite problem, people arriving 1 hr prior to play time, encroaching on the courts ahead of time to get more games, overfull courts with empty courts adjacent, ??and people trying to select who they play with, which suggests a court captain may be in order. Ladder leagues may help in this regard.?? In the interim,keep posted to the website and we will let you know ” what is new in Pickleland.

Proposals and petitions to White Rock and South surrey parks and Recs for dedicated outdoor courts for spring and summer of 2015 and the motto for South Surrey is ” 26 courts or bust ” !


Chuck Lefaive

PB - CH - Adult - Flyers - Winter 2015 - Pickleball FREE TRIAL

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