BC Pickleball Goes To Hawaii

BC Pickleball Goes To Hawaii
Co- authored by Aki Takeda of Coal Harbour Rec. – Vancouver
Mele Kamikamaka ( Merry Xmas From Hawaii ) To All

The pictures depicted show a casual group having fun each day on the newly marked courts
on the military base adjacent to most of the main hotels in Waikiki.?? See list on www.bcpickleball.com of adjacent hotels.?? We thank those who took this initiative to provide free courts dedicated to Pickleball , as we have many who travel to this area and would love to play a short game especially if it is hot. I loved the pix of the chap in the thongs….. Not the best of shoe-ware, but in Hawaii, why not !

Waikiki is the most frequently travelled to destination but Maui is a close second.
There , nestled amongst the Wailea hotels is a location that contains the most beautiful courts ( outdoor with orchids on the fence ) I have ever seen. The location is Wailea Point Estates next to the Renaissance hotel.?? It is a private settlement of high end condos 5-10 million dollars,?? and can be accessed by emailing in advance?? .?? His whole family plays well and come from Seattle . He is a 5.0 player . The facility has a controlled entry and beachfront access.

In addition, I have heard that the main road in Maui that has tennis courts , and also has some Pickleball courts open to the public.

Dave Wagner did an article on www.pickleballcanada.org – on Wailea point estates in 2010
with pictures, inviting BC’ers to come and play.?? He and his sister also own the town of Telegraph Cove , near Campbell River, a fishing destination with high end ” fishing homes ”
which,?? if he could have solved the noise issue with Pickleball, would have had courts years ago.

We welcome Hawaii , as friends of BC Pickleball joining a growing list of international locations starting Pickleball, with a little help from this end.

( see the article on BC Pickleball goes to Turkey in this month’s postings.)
Mele Kalikimaka

Chuck Lefaive
Founding Director
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