Pickleball BULLIES – are Seniors Susceptible?

October 7, 2011 in EDITORIAL

FROM Virginia: ??(About “Bullies – Are Seniors Susceptible”) ??Click on link below to go to website or to [pdf] version.

Hey, PB er’s . This is Virginia,???? I found this article really significant as it helped me put in perspective an experience with a BULLY in Warfield. We had a really fun games group of about 30 folks going strong until Bully joined. Within six months our activity was down to four, the Bully and three more, playing bridge.

I did what everyone else did, when she?? attacked me by implying that I was cheating I?? quit the activity, furious.?? In retrospect?? I am mad at myself for “being polite” and not taking her on. This article has some good tips on how?? to do so in a constructive and civilized way.?? I am?? optimistic that we will?? protect our wonderful Pickle Ball group from any similar distructive behaviours. So Thanks, Carrie, for passing this on to all.

Safe journey, Snow Birds,?? I look forward to seeing the rest of you on the courts. Virginia

article written/posted on this web-site by Brent Johner: ??http://pickleball.clubhouse.racquetnetwork.com/pickleball-bullies-are-seniors-susceptible/

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