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Pickleball – Rossland, BC

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Pickle ball and teen hip hop should take care of those mid-winter blues….
Rossland Telegraph
The Recreation Department has purchased PickleBall equipment and will be
scheduling the sport into one of our available gymnasiums within the next
few weeks. PickleBall is North America’s fastest growing sport and is
particularly popular amongst …
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Pickle ball and teen hip hop should take care of those mid-winter blues....

Palm Springs area

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PALM SPRINGS PICKELBALL ??? CALIFORNIA ??? By Bob Shery ??? Quebec member of Canada pickleball federation.


1.?? Cahuilla Hills park near Palm Desert. ??

Four pickleball courts and one dual purpose tennis/pickleball court.
Directions ??? from the intersection of Hwy @ 111 and Monterey, travel south on Monterey (which becomes Hwy 74) about 1/3 mi. To Pitahaya St. Turn right on Pitahaya (there is a sign for Cahuilla Hills and the Baptist church) and go to the end of the street (over the canal bridge) which brings you to a parking lot. ??Baptist church on the left, pickleball courts on the right. ??Chris Thomas, the ambassador for the USAPA is in this area, plays there. Seems to be a very tight knit group of regulars there who are better players and are not particularly inviting to newcomers, especially to beginner players. ??No effort is made by Chris or others to introduce and teach the game to beginners on the dual purpose court (which is a practice court). ??We were told by locals; that many of the average and beginner players prefer to go to the Catalina RV spa which invites players of all levels. I have heard the same reports from others of A level play who have gone here to enjoy their sport. ??I believe this to be a public facility where all should be welcome and received with respect.

2. ??Catalina spa and RV Resort,

Directions –?? Located in Desert Hot Springs, 18800 Corkhill Road. ??From Palm Springs, go North on Gene Autry and Palm Dr. to Dillon Road. ??Turn right on Dillon Rd and drive about 3mi to Corkill. ??Turn right on Corkill. ??Catalina is about a mile down the road. ??There are 8 pickleball courts. ??Visitors are welcome but there is a cost ($3.00 per play per day.) ??First trip is free and you can buy a book of 10 tickets for $50.00.?? We did not visit the site but it looks good on the website photos ( ??Word of warning ??? we were told more than once that Desert Hot Springs is a high crime area especially at night but also in the daytime.

3. Sky Valley

Directions — Located on Dillon Rd about 5 mi. East of the Catalina Resort. ??It can also be accessed by taking the Thousand Palms road north to Dillon road and then east for about 4 mi. ??We visited the site. ??It is very nice, 4 pickleball courts, visitors are invited to play and beginners to learn. ??I don`t believe there is a cost for visitors. ??More competitive players play in the morning, others in the afternoon. The Pickleball co-ordinator is Doug Cassidy. ??(He is from Quebec and knows Marcel and Louise Lemieux (President ) well. Photos can be seen on ( ??We did not meet Doug when we were there but my wife Carol spoke to him by phone later and he seemed a very nice person.

Note: ??both Catalina and Sky Valley are located smack on top of the San Andreas Faultline which we were told is 10 months pregnant regarding earthquake potential. ??Of course the same is true of all of California.

4. Desert Aire RV resort.

Located in Indio on 49th between Madison and Monroe Sts. ??A small resort but very nice. ??Two pickleball courts. ??One for more experienced players, one for others. ??Not for visitors.

This section of our website will be expanded as we hear of more places and get more evaluations from our players.

It will include offerings from other destination points as well such as Arizona, Texas and Florida as well as other Southern states. Should you wish your center listed, just e mail Kathy Thomas (, our Communications Director with the pertinent information, of interest to Canadians. ??This would include cruises. ??See prior issue on `setting up pickleball instruction for your cruise ` – paddle ball is already there……..

Can you get a free cruise ….. with quals you can get a certificate and course from free.

History of Pickleball in Canada – by Chuck LeFaive

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Date: January 24 , 2012


Less than a dozen people started pickleball in Canada. They were spread out from Toronto to Vancouver and, as you might expect, with the pickleball explosion in the US, they were mainly snowbirds. When they returned to Canada, they started small programs whose attendance fluctuated with their arrival and departure.

Among these early pioneers were the following:

  • SJ Lehmann — from Bowser, BC ??? Silver and Gold medalist at the 2011 US Nationals
  • Carol Haworth ??? from Chilliwack, BC ??? Bronze medalist at the 2011 US Nationals
  • Ed Brennan ??? from N Delta, BC — former USAPA ambassador who now runs a church program
  • Tony Sequeira ??? from Toronto, Ont ??? who with his brother started a couple of programs over ten years ago
  • Bill Franzman ??? from Kelowna, BC — who carried on the work of SJ Lehmann in the Okanagan as well as initiated, the first Canadian supply website
  • Sharon Sinclair (Joey) ??? from Victoria, BC ??? who operated a small program in the summer
  • Bev Butt and Gail Stakiw ??? from Regina, Sask — who carved out a piece of Regina
  • Ken Biberdorf ??? from Manitoba ??? who pioneered Pickleball in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Earl Hill — former resident of Canada, and a USAPA board member ??? who travelled between Regina, the Okanagan, and the West Coast from North Vancouver to Seattle encouraging the sport in each location on the way.

My involvement in this sport began in March, 2005 in Canyon Lake, Texas. The next three years were taken up with appointments first as Ambassador, Ambassador-at-large, and Regional Ambassador for the USAPA, replacing Bill Franzman as he wished to retire. Each appointment was for 1 year.

Then some players asked for the creation of an independent Canadian National Pickleball Association. This was initiated by myself on April 25th 2009 at the Spring Okanagan tournament. By this time, I had already recruited Wayne Roswell from Port Perry, Ontario, Marcel Lemieux from Mirabel, Quebec, Bill Furse from Collingwood, Ontario and Bev Butt from Regina, Saskatchewan as founding members to assist in starting this sport in Canada. This gave this new association Pickleball Canada a national flavor. The website was named I assumed the title Founding Director. At that time, as Bill Franzman wished to retire, I purchased and its stock from him to ensure that a Canadian internet supply chain would be maintained in Canada.

During the first year programs proliferated all across Canada and especially in BC. The website was financed from donations of teaching stipends earned by senior volunteers helping to teach students and recreation center staff and courses. Registration fees also helped.

Before the first anniversary of the birth of Pickleball Canada, a search for volunteer directors took place, to form a board which would appoint its own executive. It achieved that in May 2010 .

They were:
Bill Canning, Alta ??? President
Marcel Lemieux, Que. ???Vice-President
Christine Perras, BC — Treasurer,
and Garth Merkley, Man ??? Secretary.

For its first year and seven months of operation, the Pickleball Canada Mission Statement under ???rules??? stated all players and all paddles are welcome in all play and all tournaments in Canada.??? This statement was based on empiric data that pointed to all paddles being safe, (in spite of the deflection test data). Prior to Feb 2009, all equipment used in Canada was purchased through US sources.

Brent Johner had offered to host the first Canadian National Tournament in Calgary in July, 2011 and his offer was accepted by the sitting board.

In Feb., 2011, at its first meeting in Surprise, Arizona, this board reversed the mission statement above by adopting the USAPA / IFP rules thereby denying Canadian and Calgarian players the use of the paddle they had purchased in good faith in Canada???s first National Tournament. This Tournament took place under the auspices of Alberta Pickleball of which the National Host was the President.

Subsequently, the Canadian Pickleball Federation, was formed and officially registered federally.
1) PB Alberta,
2) the BC Pickleball Assocation,,
3) PB Quebec,,
4) and the World Pickleball Federation are affiliated with this group.

These organizations have all accepted the badminton court as legal, support the innovation of third generation paddles, and recommend proper court shoes and protective eye wear.

Currently, to join BC Pickleball, there is no fee. BC Pickleball Association, like the Canadian Pickleball Federation, also enshrines the right of players to choose and use the paddle that suits them best. BC now has 107 programs of which ONLY ONE was started by Pickleball members.

Multiple programs abound in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

I hope this helps put some things in perspective as many have asked for clarity on this topic. Many new players would like a GPS to navigate the PICKLE LANDSCAPE.

The last thing that I would want is to have this sport divided along commercial lines designed to protect domestic markets. We welcome all graphite paddles manufactured in Seattle, do we not?

Yours in Sport and Health,
Chuck Lefaive, Founding Director
BC Pickleball Association
ph ??? 604-536-9602

IF YOU FALL – playing Pickleball

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In any sporting event there is a risk of falls.

??Falls can occur due to being jostled, being tripped, slipping on a slick surface, being off balance, inner ear problems, unguarded movements and a whole host of other reasons. ??Whatever the cause, falls can create devastating injuries and are not to be taken lightly, even if they seem minor.

??In a sport like Pickleball, there are several potential injuries due to falls to be aware of. ??Because Pickleball is a stop/start activity where we bend and reach a lot for shots, the most obvious reason for falls would be because the player is off balance. ??It is very important to maintain your centre of gravity as you move around the court so that you stay upright and don’t topple over. ??Watch the top tennis players like Federer and Nadal to see how they move their feet. ??They try to stay balanced so they can change directions easily and stay upright for the whole game. ??Don’t forget that they are young and in top physical condition and train more in a week than a lot of us do in a year!

Another problem in racquet sports is when the player is backing up to hit an overhead shot. ??As they reach backward, the centre of gravity shifts behind their bodies and then disaster occurs! ??They will fall hard to the floor and often with a twisting motion as they desperately try to regain balance. ??This is a wonderful way to spend the rest of the season and part of the next one with torn ankle ligaments, or a torn meniscus or ligament in the knee. ??Having said that, it’s a great way to meet girls who will lavish attention on you as you hobble around looking helpless while milking the injury for all it’s worth!

Many Pickleball players perspire a lot when they play. ??Now that you are disgusted, this can create a real problem! ??The perspiration when combined with a polished wood floor creates the perfect slickness to make the player slip and slide. ??Worse yet, when the player goes down, it’s often right onto the pool of perspiration – YUCK!

It’s pretty easy in Pickleball, (due to the small size of the court and the fact you have a partner who is an animal and going for every shot), to occasionally get jostled. ??This may knock you down if you are a bit off balance at the time. ??It also may end a wonderful doubles team from winning the World Championships – let the other team get into this situation – not you!

In my experience, most of the players I’ve seen at Pickleball are not perfectly healthy 25 year olds, they just think they are! ??As we age, we have to admit that changes occur in our physiology which can be troublesome. ??One of the biggest topics in the past few years in physical medicine is the study of the balance mechanism of the body. ??The body uses inner ear information as well as muscle, tendon, ligament and disc information to coordinate movement. ??As we age, it has been shown that there is a gradual diminishment of these feedback and feedforward pathways which cause errors in how we choose muscles to keep us balanced. ??One simple test for this is to stand on one leg with your eyes open for 30 seconds. ??If you can’t do that easily, you have a higher probability of falling in normal activities, more so in a sport like Pickleball.

Falls can create lots of different types of injuries:

  • head injury (including concussion, fractures, dental injury, visual problems etc.)
  • spinal injury (including fractures of vertebrae and ribs, disc bulges, torn ligaments, joint injury, muscle strains etc.)
  • shoulder injury (fractured clavicles, muscle, tendon, ligament capsular and bursal tears etc.)
  • wrist and hand injury (fractured bones, ligament tears and sprains, etc.)
  • hip injury (joint injury, muscle strain, bursitis etc.)
  • knee injury (ligament tears, meniscal injuries, sprain/strain, fractured patellas, etc.)
  • ankle injury (ligament tears, bone fractures, tendonitis, plantar fascitis, etc.)

??OK – now??I’m scaring myself!! ??The problem is, after 25 years as a chiropractor, I’ve seen all of these injuries affecting patients. ??Some of them can be healed easily but some create problems that last a long, long time.

??So, the question is – “How can I avoid these injuries?”. ??The answer is easy – watch TV!! ??Seriously, your chances of these injuries is pretty small if you pay attention to some simple advice:

??- clean the court to wipe up perspiration

  • wear shoes with good grip
  • make a deal with your partner that winning the point is not as important as avoiding a wrist or ankle fracture
  • take some lessons with a pro to learn how to move economically on the court while maintaining balance
  • don’t backpedal for overhead shots (my cousin is at home right now recovering from an ankle fracture from doing exactly this)
  • do balance exercises to try to keep your brain in contact with your body so it chooses the correct muscles
  • get a qualified health practitioner to check you out before you take Pickleball up, and at least yearly to make sure you are healthy to play
  • stay fit
  • learn to fall without injury, (do a roll, protect your head, don’t be a star and try to stop a fall so everyone cheers – fall but fall well)
  • teach good habits to the others that you play with

If you do have a fall, don’t do what everyone else does – jump up like nothing happened and limp when you are out of sight! ??Outside my chiropractic office in downtown Vancouver I’ve seen probably a dozen people fall over the years and do just this – they jump up and pretend they are not hurt. ??This is because they are embarrassed that they fell. ??DON”T BE EMBARRASSED! ??Let others help you. ??Sit for a minute and do a survey of how you really are. ??If you need to go see a medical doctor or a chiropractor, get in there and get help early – it’s easier for us to fix something up earlier than later. ??AND, if we tell you to do something or not do something, please listen to us, we know what we are talking about! ??(The most common good advice following a sport injury is R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)).

Finally, have a lot of fun! ??I know it sounds like the impossible dream after you think of all the problems that can occur from falling, but the risk of falling is low, and the rewards of playing are great. ??Pickleball is a heck of a lot of fun, you will meet wonderful people and get some great exercise while having a good time. ??Just be aware and decrease the risks.

??Dr. David Mallory
Chiropractor and Pickleball player!


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RICHMOND OVAL: ??Take advantage of this wonderful offer!

2011_11_03_PickleballFlatSheetv2 (2)

BC Pickleball developing new players at the Richmond Oval

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Here is a video of the Richmond Olympic Oval and our teaching of 22 students??from Richmond ranging from 6-16 yr old. ??They are on Xmas break.




They are doing hand – eye exercises.

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers who are doing amazing work in our schools…..