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???? ?? ?? ?? With the advent of caps for numbers in various locations in the lower mainland and elsewhere, the??need has arisen to consider new ways of court management.?? In the Villages in the USA ( Florida ?????Lady lake?? – 150 courts dedicated ) they have used a court captain method of allocating court time in??levels of play?? This responsibility?? is put upon the captain to know his ??? her players and allocate them??fairly in the time that this captain is there.

In our system of recreation centers, where we compete with other sports for the times, this is??easier for the recreation center to do this – by assigning staff to monitor programs. For example, on??March 30th South Surrey will begin 9?? play – times per week ,spanning morning, noon, night and??weekend pickleball – accommodating young, old, families, ladders, competitive and social play and??exercise.

In keeping with the Targets of the Province of BC to produce a 20% more fit population by 2020 , we??are offering a more user ??? friendly sport , social, open to all players and all paddles in all play and??tournaments ( not the case in the USA ) . A Game for all is our motto. The Target is worth promoting !

Tests with MIA watches have shown that the calorie burn is as good as some much more strenuous??sports like squash and racquetball. In addition, we do not have a problem with head injuries ( chronic??brain Syndromes ) that have recently been the focus of ?? CHANGES?? that will come in Hockey, football??and recently soccer …… some surveys are now showing stats that about 10% of all parents are??considering taking their kids out of these sports and enrolling them in less trauma ??? type sports . This is??a unique opportunity for us to let people know about our sport and that with protective eye ??? wear it is??very safe. If any of you wish to help in this provincial program, let me know.

Finally, many years ago Volkswagen had a great advertising campaign ??? posted on the frame of the??rear license ?? -you are?? following the leader .?? When people see the lineup above the same message??resonates?? . They say to each other -?? this sport is not just for the elderly ??? maybe I should try it .?? Keep??up the good work picklers of all ages?? !

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