Draft document for Sanctioned Tournaments


A game for all.

Following is a sanctioned tournament document to be used as a discussion paper and eventually

To be used in Canadian Pickleball Federation, Quebec, BC, Alberta, Yukon and NWT Tournaments which seek sanctioning.

No fee will be charged for this service but?? $ 1.00 from each registrant will be rebated to the provincial host organization for sanctioning insurance if needed.?? Points will be provided, calculated and certificates of same granted at year???s end. Player ratings will be introduced on a self evaluation basis.


Guidelines are below :

Requesting sanctioning ??? use this form and send it in at least 30 days prior to event.

Tournament location??????????????????????????????

Your tourney name ————————-

Tourney date ????????????

Tourney Director ???s name ?????? phone ??????.. e mail ?????????

# of players expected at your tournament?????????

Will tournament be using Quebec pickleball Rules ? ?????????.

Will this tournament have Quebec, BC, Alberta, Nwt and Yukon membership forms Available ? ??????

NOTE: Sanctioning of tournaments should only be requested for an expected turnout of more than 100 players.

Points : grouping by tiered events


TIER 1 ??? National or international event

1sr ??? 2000 points

2nd 1500 points

3rd???? 1000 points

Tier 11 ??? provincial event

1st ??? 1600 points

2nd ??? 1200 points

3rd 600 points


Tier 111 ??? larger local tournaments

1st ??? 1500 points

2nd place ??? 800 points

3rd ??? 400?? points

This point system will run from beginning to end of each year.

Why enter a sanctioned tournament ?

–?????????????? Being on the list of point winners at year???s end and the resultant rating you will receive are used to place players in appropriate brackets for seeding purposes.

–?????????????? To be awarded only to Canada Pickleball Fed and Provincial and territorial members.

–?????????????? To be awarded only to Pickleball Quebec members and affiliated provincial members.

–?????????????? Age brackets will be 1- under 18 2) 19-55 AND 3) 55+

–?????????????? To be awarded by age categories eg: junior 5.0 4.5 3.5 3.0 etc.


List of all events

Event eligibility


1-???????? ??Junior under 18 cannot enter older age division events ??? exception open events.

2-???????? Adult and Senior ??? may enter any event if you qualify.

3-???????? Rated ??Events are open to all ages however Senior ratings?? are ??55+




To qualify for points

A tournament points event will appear on the provincial and national list of Tournament points Event. These points will be listed at year???s end . Your tournament must be listed with the Canadian PB Federation. Combined age brackets need eligible players to qualify for Tournament points.


Requirements :

1)???????? Approval by sanctioning chair + insurance if required ??? paid . Then they can advertise their Tournament. 60 days notice is advised.

2)???????? The National and provincial websites will advertise the tournament on their website, Advertising the tier level will occur after approval. If the insurance fee is not paid ??? this event will be listed as

3)???????? ??Approval pending.- Tier 1. Latest accepted payment is 10 days prior to event.

4)???????? 100 players should be present for confirmed sanctioning next year.

5)???????? ??Must be open to all who meet age and skill criteria.

6)???????? The Tourney Director must follow Canadian Pickleball rules ??? open to all players and paddles ??? local exceptions can be made by the sanctioning chair.

7)???????? Memberships may be purchased online for the provinces or by mail. See pickleballQuebec.com

8)???????? Skill levels can be self rated or observation ??? rated. An estimate of skill level by the director for the Canadian Pickleball Federation Member. Members Pre or Post Tourney will help to set up a skill bank of players.

9)???????? Note ??? The Canadian Pickleball Federation members are automatically covered by insurance if the tournament is sanctioned ??? however the Rec center also has insurance of a global nature.

10)?? If Self rating Tournaments wish to be used and have the size indicated with no points and no rankings ??? that is fine too.

If this option is chosen , then the drop ??? flyte method of tournament management should be used as it ranks and rates players as the tournament progresses and provides for ample games.


I hope this has addressed most concerns of our players in Canada who are at a much less developed level of play than our American counterparts. Hopefully this document will level the ???playing Field???


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