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? ??International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) ? ??? ??United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) ? ???? Pickleball Canada ? ??Only allow specifically designed paddles

PICKLEBALL — Look for ……….World Pickleball Federation (WPF) and/or BC Pickleball Association

When BC’ers and indeed Canucks look at the many Pickleball websites and blogs for tournaments across the land, they see three formats to let you evaluate whether they, in principle, meet the standards of?? ?? Whether you play in one or the other tournament should be determined by some objective criteria.

The criteria for selection??are :

  1. BC Pickleball Association ??tournaments are open, meaning they welcome all players and all paddles to their??tournaments….. indeed their members ??pledge to welcome all players with respect, inclusion of all, and acceptance of all and their paddles in our social,??recreational, and??publicly funded??centers. ??These are not private clubs and attitudes must be different.Last year 13 of these open tourneys were held in BC in a non-sanctioned manner with three more held according to??other??guidelines and rules.
  2. The next have IFP (International Federation of Pickleball) ??rules, which is couched language for the USAPA. ??It has no board, no phone number or contact info except to show the USAPA rules and the deflection test on paddles??-where a 6lb and a 12lb weight is fired at a vise with different paddles on it.
    That the harder (closest to diamonds) ??graphite ones score better (vibrate less) ??as they are rigid – was known before the test was introduced following the launch of a softer, quieter paddle which of course vibrates more. ??If each paddle test were done with a 1 OZ ball – which is??whatPickleballers??use every day??- all would pass the test and there would be no difference. ??Meaning, ??in fact,??that??all paddles are safe and should be allowed to be used in all play. ??It should be the player’s choice. ??To make matters more interesting,??the owner of IFP is Mr. Booth, President of the USAPA??who does these tests in his basement home.
    So when IFP rules are indicated, they do not include the welcoming BC Pickleball rules. ??They mean the American rules, discriminating against several hundred of our??Canadian players who use a Canadian innovated softer paddle. ??The statement in these tournaments is that: “no non-conforming paddles will be allowed.” ?? In fact they will be confiscated. ??Also some??tournaments????have??had??swatstika No/no emblems??with the name apike after it.??Recently, the USAPA rules have added a new twist ??? that bright paddles are disallowed. ??Who will make that judgement on your paddle?????? see ruling on the rigid Canadian paddle called ???edgeless??? with a legal 0.2 rating on the deflection test. Hence, it is clear the vested system of criteria and rules are bogus and are hoodwinking players as well as producing confusion and conflict for players and world manufacturers.
  3. The third type of tournament is a PB Canada tourney which uses IFP rules and actually states that this is a USAPA generated tournament. ??All three organizations are joined in effort, intent, and rules ??? hence they are one. ?? ??IFP = Pickleball Canada = USAPA.
    PB Canada ??? the original association had the option to join the??World Pickleball Federation (WPF)??in Febuary, 2011 but declined and joined the larger association in the USA called the USAPA, even though their own website had proclaimed for all to see for two years, that PB Canada stood for ???all players and paddles are welcome in all play and all tournaments in our great country.”
    Further, prior to the introduction of a quieter (softer) paddle the USAPA rules read ??? paddles may be made of any material as long as they meet LXW standards and are smooth without imparting extra spin.”
    Having failed to prove spin, this organization then went on to claim speed, changing the nature of the game, too bright , wrong cores ??? cork and resin – causing boomerang effect, ??suggesting that all but the existing products are unsafe.
    That has now been disproved in all major centers who have correctly allowed the use of all paddles. There have been no injuries.
  4. The??second international association, the??World Pickleball Federation (WPF)??have the same rules about paddles as the BC rules which are based on empiric evidence and engineering data.

So, as we move to 50 tournaments in BC and many more across Canada and Nationals as well as Provincial tournaments and Senior games as well as Summer and Canada Games – which will you choose?

I hope this GPS directional through the tourney pathways will help you to find your way.

2012 ??? Scheduled Tournaments :

  1. ??South Surrey??- The second annual National??(??? the Canada Cup”) ??BC rules scheduled for May 19-20 ??? cancelled.
  2. Okanagan??May 19-20 ????? IFP rules
  3. Abbotsford??ARC Center tourney????July 7-8 – IFP rules
  4. ??Burnaby??-??The senior games ?????IFP rules??Aug ??? 2012 (sign up is now….. ??The prior three Senior games were run on BC Pickleball Association rules
  5. The 6th??annual??South Surrey Rec Center Tournament??(Sept. ??? TBA) ??BC Pickleball rules.
  6. Valentine’s social tourneys, multiple venues Tuesday Feb 14th?? ??BC Pickleball rules.


Yours in sport and health,

Chuck Lefaive

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