June 2014 Pickleball Newsletter

BC Pickleball Newsletter ??? June 2014

Now that we are in the full bloom of spring and early summer, it is time to consider Pickleball outdoors. Our southern neighbours will play at least 95% of the time outdoors all year. Many in the South have never played indoors. The games are similar with exception of the wind, rain, hail, cold, harder ball, and less hospitable surface, often having to contend with higher tennis net height and larger ( by far ) surface area to cover.

In spite of these formidable obstacles, outdoor courts continue to proliferate in private courts being built as well as public courts being double marked and in a few cases, dedicated courts by Parks and Rec have been put in place. The latter will, no doubt, be the most used. Several articles have appeared showing how to paint, chalk, tape and dot these courts so that folks can play on them. A list of usable courts appears on these pages. To join the dots, use a broomstick handle with a chalk , attached by wrapping an elastic band around it, and join the dots.

Since the non ??? snowbirds hold up the attendance at our Rec Centers all winter, perhaps the snowbirds might consider leading the outdoor programs in the summer, inviting the ??? home group ??? to join them……..

The USA banned paddle list has been posted so that IFP ruled tournaments might take into account the USA non ??? vested player opinion of what is an acceptable paddle?

The number of tournaments has increased again this year and we hope planning will be done to continue this effort in the fall and winter. The number of provincial programs now exceeds 210.

Efforts to court manage our various venues and the desire for integrated play is continuing with some success. It is amply apparent from watching the FIFA world soccer matches that sport is a great way to bring people together in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

Let’s make Pickleball the most welcoming of all the sports and like our experience on a smaller scale, when we are all absorbed on the bench watching the game in progress.

Chuck Lefaive

Founding Director ??? www.pickleballcanada.org (ret)
Founding Director ??? www.bcpickleball.com ( active)


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