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Any Paddle Will Do.

Well, who would have thought that kids (young and old), would drop everything at the lake and form teams to play Pickleball, “pickle-boo”‘ or “whiffle-ball”??? I put up this temporary net, and it was an immediate hit.?? Well, it was a ‘hit’?? more and more often as the evening went on?? because they got better and better at returning the ball.

And, practice makes perfect… I woke up the next morning to the pleasant sound of paddles and young voices, “zero-four, one.”

“No, it’s not, it’s zero-five, one”, says a young second voice.

“Oh, OK, ….READY?”


It was absolutely music to my ears.?? So here we are at an RV park, no tennis courts around, but a cul-de-sac…. Sort of, with just enough pavement to draw a shorter version of a Pickleball court using chalk.?? I had stopped by Staples to buy of good heavy duty marker with indelible ink for all the intersections of the lines.?? So now, if it rains, only the chalk lines will be washed away.

I stopped by Chuck Lefaive’s place to borrow the temporary net on my way to Shuswap Lake, however, I am now informing him, by way of this email article, that if I took the net back with me to the coast, there would probably be a revolt here at the lake… So Chuck, I’ve already told them that I’ll buy it off you…. Well worth the price of staving off an uprising…don’t you think?

So, as I was writing the last paragraph, the kids returned from their outing (probably swimming as it is an amazing day today, unlike the last three months of rain and cold weather), “excuse me, excuse me,” I hear the young voice again, “can we use the paddles?”…

So I’m off to the ‘court’, to assist with umpiring… They picked it up so fast!

Remember the dimensions 20′ wide by 44′ long with the net in the middle between the two halves and the kitchen line is 7′ away from the net.?? That’s all you need to know.?? I printed out a set of rules and put it in the bag that holds the net and the supports.?? Maybe tonight, the kids will let some of the adults have a go at it…..

I ordered 6 plastic umbrella supports and some of that nylon temporary fencing to help?? confine the ball to the new “Shuswap Pickleball
Association” pickleball court(s).?? Need more nets….Oh yeh!?? I bought the spare paddles at Super-Valu….I didn’t have enough… That way everyone is included.

Oh oh, just heard Dad say, “paddles away, come inside, or stop arguing, pick one, 5,4,3.”

Kids, “OK”…?? And I still hear Pickleball being played, so I guess the game has lots of support already and teaches “getting along”.


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