Starting a Club in your Community?

List – steps for starting pickleball programs in Canada??[pdf]

Fun & Fitness for Everyone

This has been successful almost every time ??(IF FOLLOWED)???..

  2. ??Order Paddles and Balls ???
    1. Paddles swingers ??? they are cheap and last a long time.?? They have grips and wrist guards.?? Cost approximately $20.00 each
    2. Balls, Singapore seamless or dura for outdoor use and Bulldog Jugs balls for indoor or outdoor use.?? Cost approximately $2.50 for Singapore and $1.50 for the Jugs.?? All available on Don???t forget safety glasses.
  3. ??Set your times of play with your Rec Center or Parks and Rec.?? Try to get a Seniors time, a family time, and a working person evening time.
  4. Once three is done, let the local press know of pickleball???s arrival in your area.?? This will help you as the centers and Parks & Rec usually take 3- 6 months to get things rolling.
  5. Put an ad in the local association news bulletin Senior???s news, coffee news, ???Y??? bulletin, etc., anywhere you think that will give you exposure.
  6. Have your Rec Center produce a little punch card that gives those who come to try the sport THREE FREE punches.
  7. Ask the Rec Center to request that the front desk people recruit from those looking for something new ??? try pickleball.?? A list of 30 people should get you off to a good start.
  8. Very Important?? –?? Monitor who comes ??? get their names, phone numbers and e-mail.?? Use sign in sheets and sign-up sheets.
  9. If you can, once you are off the ground, look for a sponsor who will provide funds for balls, trial paddles, etc.
  10. After a couple of play times, ask them to join Canada Pickleball and give them a downloaded form from and BC Pickleball Association ???