Ole ! is heard in Mexico

Ole ! ????is heard in Mexico


In more ways than one ??????.




In Pickleball, a ball that is above your waist, while in transit, while you are standing near the sideline or the baseline is referred to as an Ole ! You turn and walk away , knowing that it will go out?? SHOUTING OLE. ??I see many players hitting balls with forehand, backhand or half volley at the baseline when the ball is going out. Why take a chance by hitting the ball when you know the other Ole approach is a sure point .


In Rancho Casa Blanca, Canto Del Sol, Costa Del Ore in Margueritas and El Cid near Mazatland there are three taped and one painted court. From November ??? march there are tournaments in Puerto Vallarta , lo de Marion and Ricon de guayagitos featuring players from Alberta, BC and Quebec and no doubt some from the southern US states. San Jose Del Cabo also has outdoor programs.

See pix above of one group of Canadians . So, it would appear that these groups , friends of BC pickleball , are providing a southern push in ??a large new country to input our sport in a positive, inclusive way, welcoming all players to our sport in a friendly manner while they get a smooth tan.

With Canada providing huge impetus from the North with Snowbirds in the Summer and Locals in the winter, our numbers,in the Rec centers who depend on us to provide new players, and instruction to many , are staying to all intense and purposes ??? the same all year. This is not the case in the US south where heat shuts the sport down in the summer and it is cool in winter in many states . They also do not have many indoor facilities with pickleball in the north or south. BC is the largest public program in the world.

Hence we can see that in both countries , the transfer from 8000 schools that teach the sport to the parks and Rec run outdoor and indoor facilities has not occurred . Much more work needs to be done by the teachers, the parks and Rec representatives to make venues outdoor more welcoming, and to make indoor venues more open to times for all players and families of different skill sets to play ( as well as to play with each other )

A Further layer to this presentation is that, worldwide, we are seeing many more countries

getting involved with pickleball ??? China, Japan, Hungary, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, UK , India, Pakistan, Cuba and Jamaica. Many of these have been helped by www.bcpickleball.com to get started.

So, remember, the next time you hear the word OLE , think of how you can get a sure point in Pickleball.

If you know or any other places in Mexico that play pickleball, let us know.

Yours in Sport and health,

Chuck Lefaive

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