Our New Canadian Prime Minister – of sports and the people, comes to Trail

” Our New Canadian?? Prime Minister – of sports and the people, comes to Trail ”


And?? meets the founders of Pickleball in Trail

This summer , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to Trail for a campaign visit to
this strongly NDP riding to help the local person running in the current , just past election.
He took time out ( in his tongs) to meet Kathy and Doug Stanley the founding couple who
so graciously helped me to get pickleball Canada off the ground. Their selfie with him
speaks to the person – young, athletic, competitive, and above all approachable and casual

Doug at one time was CEO of the Kootenay savings and Loan and also ran for the Liberals in a prior election and was narrowly defeated . He had a warm conversation with Justin who, at the time, was touted as an underdog , not slated to do anything with a downtrodden party. Underrated , he came on to win a Majority from a minority for the first time since 1905.

I would like to thank Doug and Kathy as well as Carrie Lajeunesse for their outstanding work in Trail , leading the Kootenays to a leading position in BC in growing our Sport – Pickleball.?? Our recreational and competitive daily sport is?? also an underdog in the Sports World – being run by volunteers and on shoestring budgets in most?? areas of our province . With www.bcpickleball.com we have never requested any funds from any government or sports body , hence are beholding to no one. For this, we also have to thank all the Rec centers and Parks and Rec departments for their co-operation and inclusion of our sport in their budgets and schedules.

The result of this is that BC is now the largest public program for Pickleball in the world and the USA the largest private program in the world.

I have no doubt that now, with an open and new government, focused on families and people we will see a greater involvement in the Federal sphere in sports focused on youth and families and participaction?? . Hopefully ” A GAME FOR ALL ”?? our motto, will be noticed by Justin and the new Minister of Sports in Ottawa. On many publications and conversations we have bandied about the possibility that Pickleball might enter the Olympic Arena . I believe we are now one step closer.

That in 10 years, ( this year ), we will have achieved more than 600 locations in Canada represented in all provinces and territories, will also help in this regard. At least 10 countries have now introduced Pickleball including Turkey.

Should Justin come to South Surrey we would be pleased to invite him and his family to come , play and enjoy this wonderful family sport in the largest program in Canada . With our 12 new courts outdoor and 10 courts indoor in the smallest community in Canada – this too is an impressive achievement.

On a Personal Note : a few years ago, some of you may remember a name Lou Lefaive .
He was the head of Sports Canada for many years and a first Cousin.

Yours in sport and Health,

Chuck Lefaive

Founding director

BC Pickleball assoc

Ph – 604- 536-9692

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