Pickleball at Golden Village Palms in Hemet

In Hemet and was amazed at their fantastic pickleball facility. ??It is new, so not a converted tennis court.

The layout was such that they had four courts, with a fully enclosed outer fencing, each court with a gate. ??Between each court was an approx. 6′ high fence, with an opening to walk between courts. ??On each interior fence separating courts was a tube for ball storage (can be seen in one photo). ??Behind the back fencing were several benches for waiting to play. ??Each bench was shaded by these beautiful artistic-looking sunshades. ??The courts were painted blue with green out-of-bounds colouring which made it so easy to see the in-bound court area.

Was 99 degrees the other day, about 25 degrees above normal. Most of last week mid 90’s so played a lot of pb at night.??See you in 3 weeks.

Cheers, Dougsunshade while waiting in Hemet Note partial fencing between courts and ball tubes on fencing Hemet sunshade for benches while waiting closeup of sun shading 4 courts in Hemet with waiting area

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