Pickleball becoming MAGNET for private sports clubs


Pickleball becoming MAGNET for private sports clubs

???????? and I especially enjoyed meeting all of you with such wonderful enthusiasm. I appreciate your fitting 5 sessions into 1 for us. I am certain we will get together again soon,??? Pat MacKen, a kind and personable tennis instructor at the prestigious Arbutus Club told us after completing the Level I instructor???s course on January 5, 2016.?? The certification workshop was joined by five other players from Metro Vancouver area.

The two-hour, fun-filled workshop was provided by the BC Pickleball Association in preparation for the Club???s new installation of the pickleball game to add more options for their existing members as well as to lure new members. The set up of the game could be easy with little additional cost; pickleball courts can be easily created using any existing badminton courts by just lowering the nets to 36???H at side poles and 34???H at center of the nets. ??If played outdoors, one tennis court may be converted into/shared with 4 pickleball courts, accommodating 16 doubles players at once, compared to just 2 players for a single tennis match.

As pickleball is played on a smaller court, typically in doubles, many seniors adopt it into their retirement hobby.?? The game???s smaller court and slower pace of the ball movement are perfect for seniors who want to stay active – much easier on the joints and lungs than tennis.?? Pickleball is an easy sport to pick up for novices, as players notice their skills progressing each time they play. It is fun enough that kids and their grandparents can play on the same court.

Shortly after the workshop took place, BC Pickleball Association received an inquiry from a country club located in Lower Mainland with strong interest to introduce the game to their members.

Article and photo contributed by Aki Takeda



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