Pickleball goes to Powell River, Savary Island and the Sunshine coast

Instructor Trained on this trip = ??# 216 for the Province of BC.

July 29th to August 2nd Rita and I took a holiday on the Sunshine coast visiting friends on Savary Island near Lund BC.?? This is a location that I have often thought would make a good location for a Pickleball court or two.?? This Island is the home of the adventure prone and wealthy with no docks and sandy shores and warm water.?? Pickleball was discussed with some of the Pioneers and was recognized by some as a good sport esp for seniors.?? So, we shall see, the seed has been planted. Perhaps a sand Pickleball group could easily get started – Pickleball does work – see article in archives.

While in Savary we stayed at the Riverside campground, public , in Powell River.?? We phoned the Rec center and found out they had our go- to – sport on Wed night 6-8 pm. ?? So on our return from Savary we went to play and met a lovely teacher,?? Madeleine Coudert, who played with us and agreed to take the BCPickleball instructors level 1 course so that she could be certified to teach in Rec centers and public programs in the province.?? She is now the 216th provincial certified Instructor.?? All programs in BC should have such a person ( or 2 ) which gives our sport more credibility with our public programs and points toward a consistency in training our new and aspiring players to help improve themselves.?? This is a much better system than forcing people to rate themselves , or making others- uncertified – do so.?? The rated players then do not welcome or play with others of a lesser skill rating, ??or that person of lesser skill is not allowed to play in tournaments, only recreational play.?? This is an American , not Canadian system which should be restricted to 1-2 provincial or national events per year, not used in recreational play when families wish to play with each other and their friends.


We thank Powell River parks and Rec dept for the two new Pickleball courts made of plastic click flooring similar to those we played on at Christina lake and apparently also at Grand forks.?? They are lovely.?? The nets need adjusting downward,?? a practice board would be helpful, a trial with jugs balls might produce less slippery effect as the ball bounces better and some type of shading….. My guess is that with the four tennis courts with the same surface, cost came in about 85M. These new courts join
Whistler ( Chekamus exit ) which we played at last week, Vernon, North Vancouver, Fuller Lake, South Surrey, Langley and perhaps others, in new outdoor courts being introduced to the pickleball community.?? We hope more groups will organize to use the facilities in the open air.?? A nice group of
locals and folks from Comox / Courtney were there to introduce the new courts .

On the way home , we stayed in our little camper under the Lion’s gate bridge in the RV park with a nice pool and hot tub.?? While there we took in the Santana and Rod Stewart Concert as well as visited the two courts in West Vancouver on Marine and 29th St. listed on the www.bcpickleball.com
webpage for outdoor courts.?? I took a couple of pix of them for you to see. Nice small double parked courts.


Please continue to enjoy the summer outdoors, and of course the 60 or so tournaments we’ve had indoor this year.?? The next is to come in South Surrey in Sept ( date to come soon ) and at Peace Portal Alliance Church Nov 14 with the Taiwanese society sponsoring. ( All welcome – no ranking or rating required )

Yours in sport and Health,

Chuck Lefaive


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