Pickleball North

Pickleball Nova Scotia Style


Many Canadian Snowbirds fly South and take up playing Pickleball wearing T-Shirts and Shorts. ??Those left in the Great frozen North are forced to don parkas and fight frostbite to play Pickleball outdoors.

What do curling and Pickleball have in common? ??A parking lot. ??Pickleball began in June 2013 in Windsor on the asphalt of the Windsor Curling Club’s parking lot. ??The money for the equipment came from membership dues, donations and a fun fund-raising jam session. ??Volunteers painted the court and Pickleball was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Our membership stands at twenty-four and we are planing to expand adding another court for the summer of 2014. ??We love the game!

To be honest, Pickleball is played in a gymnasium during the winter in Windsor.

— Those in the photos: ??Carol and Craig Hopkins – members of both the Curling Club and are Picklers—


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