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The image of Pickleballers playing in the snow ( have we had any this year in the east ), brings me back to several years ago when I first visited the villages in Florida – the largest Pickleball program in the world – 150 dedicated courts – and the players in December were playing with ear muffs, cravats, touques , and gloves . All were having a great time and after 10-15 minutes, were right into it !

This delineates one of the differences between Pickleball and Tennis . In the villages, all tennis courts in December – January are essentially empty. In Pickleball, if you have a makeshift mop, you can be playing 15 minutes after a rain. With an indelible dot pen from staples, a broomstick handle , some cord , and chalk you can make a court 20 feet x 44 feet in ten minutes ( anywhere where there is concrete or ashphalt.)??A practice board would of course be helpful in all these situations while you are waiting for the tarvy to dry eh.

Wintertime,while the snowbirds are down south, is a good time to do some teaching at an elementary near you. All schools have budgets for people to come in and teach various subjects they do not have on the curriculum. This is a great fundraiser for your local group. This year ( our 8th ) at Star of the Sea Elementary, we wanted to use three portable sets to augment the number of usable courts however, due to weather, we were only able to use them for two morning sessions out of eight – plus the awards – parent – teacher day when the tournament medals were presented. ??More than 500 attended the final day tournament day and award presentation – the largest tournament in Canada.

The course that we teach is listed on www.bcpickleball.com for anyone to download and use.( free ) last , but not least, 95% of play in the USA South is outdoors. Many have never played indoor . We use badminton courts ( free ) hence our BC rules and the World Pickleball Federation rules accept this court as legal for all tournaments in our province, even though it is six inches shorter. No need to make another line at 7 feet. Therefore, in our province, Quebec and Alberta these are conforming tournaments, no need to ask is it legal…..

Hope you had a wonderful Winter – in Canada – welcome home to the tans !

Chuck lefaive

ph – 604-536-9602

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