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Kudos to Quebec !

TO : Heads of programs, programmers, instructors, leaders, the board and Pickleball enthusiasts.
Aug 17-18 saw the first Quebec National Pickleball tournament in Repentigny ( Montreal ) take place with 96 players participating in a social and competitive format over two days. This was Quebec???s first National and the Canadian Pickleball Federation???s third. The first was in Oakridge in Calgary. The next will be in BC.

BC ??? Ed Yeo and Chuck Lefaive?? brought home Silver in both the men???s doubles and the social scramble of the first day. All ages were represented and of course categories combined where necessary. All players were welcomed with their choice of equipment and all products were available for sale. New Brunswick was an emerging presence.

Many have asked ??? what is the difference between the Canadian Pickleball Federation and the IFP rules . They are outlined?? and attached on the post this next link points to?? Click Here for scrollable PDF and download link.

Ed Yeo, I,?? and our wives had a lovely visit to upper New York state, Vermont and Quebec city after our tournament. Many of the Quebec players have relatives here and plan to attend our tourney next year.?? I hope , as leaders, you will encourage your players to attend too.

Yours in Sport and health,
Chuck Lefaive
Founding Director
Ph ??? 604-536-9602

Photos Below

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Men's Final - Doubles


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