Starting a new Pickleball program for Little White Rock BC Parks and Rec co-ordinating

Starting a new Pickleball program for Little White Rock BC Parks and Rec co-ordinating

Step 1– What was there to begin with???? Parks and Rec for this city of four??blocks wide and 16 blocks long had marked an outdoor court some three years ago for training a cohort of??players for use at the new Bosa Buiding in downtown White Rock. This venue never came to be, as the workers put a large column in the middle of the play area. However parks had acquired paddles and balls for the outdoor program.

Step 2 ??? With a new director of Parks and Rec, they decided to introduce pickleball in their unused curling rink facility ??? 5 courts ??? using donated rubberized courts from Kamloops ??? home of this year???s seniors games. The carpet was laid in May, tested for faults and made ready. Invitations went out to press and various contacts offering the first pickleball program for White Rock using the ???Touch Pickleball??? foam ball concept for beginners, kids, and those whose skills were needing a little improvement. Also players could graduate from the foam to the Jugs Wiffle ball as their skills improve.

Step 3– The plan is, if these five courts work out, to introduce five more next year at the skating rink ??? also under-used in the Summer. An option remains to double ??? mark the all five courts outdoor this year to make a total of 15 courts for White Rock. That would be impressive !

Step 4– Opening day ??? we had 5 volunteers, one instructor who worked steady for two hours 2-4 pm teaching some 16 new and knowlegeable players of all ages to play. Concommitantly, a demo court of those who knew how to play was available for spectators to watch. The foam ball worked well and was??enjoyed by all. Those wishing to use the jugs ball we normally use were welcome to do so.

Step 5 ??? Now Parks and Rec have set up a schedule that will include seniors, kids, youth, adults and families. Just click on White Rock Leisure guide ??? Pickleball – this is a game for all ??? a family sport.

The time??period is end of May to end of August. Let???s get behind this new and first initiative for White Rock with the fastest growing sport in North America with BC leading the world in public programs.

It was a delight to help Parks and Rec with this new sport and thanks to all who helped in this effort!

Chuck lefaive
Founding Director

PH ??? 604-536-9602


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