Our Teaching Experience with White Rock Parks and Rec

Our Teaching experience with White Rock Parks and Rec ??? a New indoor summer program 6 days per week and seven times ??? all open for families and students to avail themselves of. The great family sport of PICKLEBALL.

Item 1 ??? The linkup with the YMCA summer camp ??? the first in White Rock.

Over three Thursday evenings, we, BCPickleball members taught some 120 students and parents to play with our equipment and that of Parks and Rec ??? White Rock.?? The Objective was to teach the parents who would then bring the students to play on Saturday family time. This achieved limited success . Our thanks go to the staff of the YMCA who also volunteered their time and booked the courts as well as helped monitor some 40 kids.

Item 11- This summer program was put together in an indoor venue in a Curling Club that was empty for The summer. ?? Floor covering was obtained from Kamloops and was adequate but not perfect as it was not glued onto the cement floor because the Ice surface would have had to be re- introduced in September. Hence this was a summer program. It is anticipated that next year they might introduce Pickleball in the adjoining Skating Rink next door.

With 7 times offered per week , ( South Surrey Rec has 7 times per week ) this allowed for players to access their sport on any given day at any time of day. To my knowledge, no other city in Canada offers such a service. As a first year effort, attendance,?? which had available teaching at each time offered was somewhat disappointing however,?? we know
this increases as visibility becomes a reality.?? Also competition from Badminton and table tennis allowed at the same times was a hinderance.

All in all, I believe the experience was a good one for all and it should grow over time.

Thanks to all who participated and to those who recommended it.

Chuck Lefaive Founding director BCPickleball Assoc.


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