The POLICE on the Pickleball courts

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This spring BC pickleball had the pleasure to teach the children of Forsyth elementary school ??? principal Amber Flanagan ??? a core inner city school in the heart of?????? Whalley ??? 200 children in five days. Represented were 48 native children , 18 languages , and some refugee family children trying to adapt to Canadian culture?? recreation and values. We started the day with Grade 2???s and they were very keen indeed. The picture above of myself, Georgia Thorburn ( volunteer helper ) and???? an officer of the Surrey constabulary shows the three courts we were using.

The officer brought his grandaughter to school and noticed the activity in the gym and had heard of?? pickleball , but had never seen it. He came in to check it out ??? in full uniform ??? so we gave him a?? paddle. We hope he is now playing at Guilford , or Chuck Bailey,?? or Fraser Heights or North Delta Rec or Newton or Sungod Rec , all adjacent community centers with his grandaughter.?? He could also be???? playing at?? Maple Green park , outdoor which?? has a lock?? box, net , free balls and seven possible courts, There are two sets of outdoor courts in North Delta. In addition, all the teachers who pariticpated,?? all the students and all the parents were invited to the final Tournament on Friday At 11:30 am finishing at 12:00 noon, crowning a gold, silver , and bronze medal winner for the school for?? each of the lower grades 4 vs 5 and 6 vs 7 . The gym featured?? center court , where Approx 250 attendees saw the Championship heralded by the new Tailgate flash box playing Rocky 11. It?? was an event.

A similar effort was completed at St Bernadete???s school in Mid ??? surrey , Micheal De Paaw principal and presently occuring now at Star of the Sea School in South surrey ??? our 12th year in?? ???? succession at this school ??? rated #1 in athletics in the Private Seperate School System. Finally, Our seniors have helped this spring to teach Marpole / Oakridge Rec in Vancouver, Princeton???? community center, Timms community center in Langley and soon, the Richmond Community Club as well as Williams Lake. We thank alYol the Volunteers who have helped in this very
successful effort in bringing youth, seniors, adults and competitive players to the courts . That BC???ers rated Pickleball #2 in activities they would do this year on our 150th birthday is?? not surprising , as this effort has allowed some 150-200 seniors to give back to others and welcome to our 304 indoor and many outdoor courts.

Yours in sport and health,

Chuck Lefaive

Founding director

BC Pickleball assoc

ph ??? 604-536-9602

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