TOURNAMENTS ??? BC ??? 2011 ???

This year started with a bang on Easter Weekend in April, with the open, invitational ??? first outdoor tournament at Maple Green Park in Surrey, BC. The park was rented, the balls and extra paddles provided, all ages, all players and all paddles welcome. ??Valentina Paasonen ran the tournament. ??Some 30 people from, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Ladner, and Guilford as well as South Surrey attended and it was a fun day enjoyed by all.

We had the sixth annual tournament in Kelowna ( restricted ) followed by the second Kelowna tournament ( restricted + extra fees charged to join the USAPA …) in May. Both had some 60 players. ??

Also in May we had the first school tournament of grade 5???s ( 72 of them ) at the Richmond Olympic Oval which went off without a hitch with the help of seven volunteer helpers who refereed each and every game. The school was Star of the Sea Elementary which we have been teaching for six years.

Then followed two tourneys on the same day June 4th??in Trail and June 4th??in Victoria both open and welcoming ??to all ??? each with about 30 players, both successful and both first time tourneys. ??Then followed the Abbotsford tournament ( restricted ) + fees to join the USAPA charged over and above the entry fee.

The next tourney was The Open National in Calgary on July 15-17 ??? three provinces represented and about 30-35 players with a woody consolation round. All ages welcome. ??All who attended won lots of prizes, awards, medals and the Calgary stampede to boot. ??Following that was the??second annual ??Nanaimo open tournament with some 80 players. ??Very well run and all had a wonderful time over two days. ????All ages welcome.

Next came the second Nanaimo tournament — Mexican madness ??? see report by Dee Pitcher on??

August brought in the South Surrey tournament Aug 17th??with approx 58 players in an open welcoming recreational tournament which increased the local recreational participation substantively from last year and the year before. ??Many from other centers also attended. ??
August also brought the first tournament (open and social) from Courtenay ??? well attended and fun fun fun. Welcome to the tourney group.

August was also the senior games which this year carried some 80 players and a 40% increase over last year with good representation from both competitive and recreational divisions. Thanks to Ian Glover.

This month the second??Recreational and third tournament of the year for Trail who did their first – only this year as well. Congratulations to all their helpers. They deserve the tournament city of BC Award for this year !!!!

October will also bring first tournament status to Sechelt Sr center which has been very active recruiting some 60 players in one year.

Altogether this adds up to some 20 tournaments ??? 17 open and three restricted.

Will there be more this winter during the torrential rains ??? We shall see. I believe the stage is now set that we can do half as many again in the winter if everyone tries to put on at least one tournament in the winter months. ?? ??Go ??? BC ??? Go .