Shown below is the suggested format for the BC Senior Games in 2012.

Our desire is to make this the most successful senior games ever (for pickleball)…. to do this, we need your help! ??We would like to sign up as many people as possible as early as possible. ??Please indicate your interest if you know you’ll be around next August by submitting your name to your local “Senior Games” representative or person in charge of your program. ??If you have trouble determining who this is in your area, please let us know and we’ll get back to you with a contact name. ??Please send your email to: ikathythomas@gmail.com

Click on this link for a printable version of the Format for BC Senior Games Pickleball: ????BC Senior Games Format for Pickleball


1.?????????????? Age Categories:

Men and Women
55 to 59
60 to 64
65 to 69
70 to 74
75 to 79

2.???????????? Events:?????????? (for all age categories)
a)???????????? Men???s and Women???s Singles???????????????? (Competitive only)
b)???????????? Men???s Doubles
c)???????????? Women???s Doubles
d)???????????? Mixed Doubles

3.???????????? Participation:
a)???????????? A maximum of four (4) men and four (4) women per age category per Zone in the competitive division.
b)???????????? A maximum of four (4) men and four (4) women per age category per Zone in the recreational division.
c)???????????? A Zone with a limited amount of participants will be allowed to partner with players from other Zones provided through the player replacement pool.
d)???????????? Participants may enter a maximum of two events.

4.???????????? Divisions:
a)???????????? All players must be registered in either the Competitive or Recreational Division and may only compete in that Division.
b)???????????? Participants are to play in their age group, except in Doubles, where an older age category player may play down in a younger category, as long as a player in that age category is not being displaced.

5.???????????? Competition:
a)???????????? The competition will be played under BC Pickleball Association rules.?? Paddles may be made of any material.
b)???????????? Indoor competitions will be played with green or white jugs.
c)???????????? Outdoor competitions will be played with the seamless yellow Singapore ball.
d)???????????? All games will be played to 11 points, but a game must be won by a minimum of 2 points.
e)???????????? Medal standings in both the Recreational and Competitive divisions shall be determined by a complete Round Robin in all age category events.

(i)???????????? to facilitate scheduling a group of more than six (6) players may be divided into two groups.
(ii)?????????? in the event of (i) above occurs, then the top player in each group will play off for the Gold and Silver medals.?? The second player in each group will play off for the Bronze medal.

6.???????????? Medals:
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three players in all events for both Recreational and Competitive Divisions.

7.???????????? Zone Playoffs:
a)???????????? Zone Playoffs will be held in all events and age categories where sufficient numbers make this necessary
b)???????????? If a player plays doubles in a younger age category, that player shall occupy only that age slot, and must vacate the slot in his/her own age category
c)???????????? Participants must play in each Pickleball event for which he/she wishes to be eligible for at the Games


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