This is an outline of the Level 1 Course

Pickleball???? training course?????? – level 1

Week I ???? – lesson 1

Explain the objectives?? – functionality
Explain the lines
Show ??? how to hold paddle
Short ??? wide or long
Explain the kitchen?? or ??? no volley zone ???
Read the?? one page set of rules
Go over and demo?? the warm ??? up and warm ??? down
Demo the serve ??? below the waist
Explain biomechanics of hitting the ball
Practice serve
Practice volleying ??? kitchen only
Demo ??? various types of paddles and
Balls?? – encourage them to try them all
Warm down .

Week II?? – lesson?? 2

Warm up exercises ??? stretches
Recap last lesson
Warm up briefly?? – at kitchen
Strategies?? in, on or about the
Kitchen to make points
Moving up vs staying back
Positions on the court
Switching places up, down?? and
Across court. return of lob?? -cover for partner
The shot down the middle
Low vs high serve and how to return
Them?? – advantages of each
Play doubles
Warm down

Week III ??? lesson 3

Stretching exercises together
Recap last lesson
Do 20?? forehand and backhand
Against the wall. demo first
Court strategies
Lob shots
Dink shots
Play singles ??? doubles ??? 2+1

Week IV – lesson 4

Stretching exercises together
Recap last lesson
Do 30 forehand and 30 backhand against the
Wall ??? look at technique and ball controll
Back court long shots?? – back court strategies
Slam?? and???? return?? of slam
Avoiding?? leaning?? in?? at the kitchen line.
Watch?? the?? paddle face?? at all times.
Play doubles

Week V?? – lesson 5

Stretching exercise together
Recap what has been learned
Warm up at kitchen ??? extensive
Increase the pace?? – balls not touching
The ground ??? 20 ???use squares?? – no poaching
Show the bc pickleball ??? a cute little video????? promo as a recap of what they have learned in thie
Course .
Play doubles
Leave time to fill out evaluations
Hand out a certificate of completion

Should you have any questions regards any part of this course which?? should be presented as a gradual intoduction
to pickleball for those who wish?? ????? to do it right the first time ??? please contact clefaive


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