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Customers who wish to place orders by telephone may do so through our head office in Calgary, AB, at?? 403-238-0687??????????


Please call during regular business hours and please leave a message if we do not answer the phone.

Portable sets are available at for a 25% discount.


Discounts on nets

In order to qualify for a discount on nets, clubs must be formally
affiliated with BC Pickleball, Pickleball Alberta or Pickleball Quebec.

The order must be for the club ONLY. Orders for personal use are not
eligible for a discount.

Only items clearly indicated on our website can be discounted. For example,
we do not discount USAPA nets.

The purpose of this promotion is to promote membership in the three
provincial organizations.

Portable nets For portable nets


New paddles

Manta Sports, Kamloops, BC…??

“ Manta sports , from Kamloops BC , the home of next year`s seniors games announces the arrival and approval of their line of pickleball paddles, unique with Canadian and US graphics, bright, sturdy and powerful . Give them a try!


???? This is the fourth Canadian entry into the PB market. Maybe soon we will have 100 like the American graphite market eh !