Xmas Newsletter 2014

A Great Year for Pickleball in Canada and BC

Many records were broken this year by Canadians at the US Nationals as well as Nationals at home and in some 40 tournaments in BC – both recreational and competitive. With 220+ locations in BC ,the largest public program in the world,we now have the infrastructure, and instructor personnel ( 222 ) to lead Canada into the next phase of?? Pickleball” A la Canadian style”. Let’s put Canada First and pull our provinces together so that they are functional, independent and pointed at a National organization that looks after National affairs and does not hide behind the IFP label, which few know, stands for the USAPA in Canada. To do this we will need many young volunteers.

BC and Quebec are two provincial organizations that have dedicated much time and effort into producing a Canadian identity for this wonderful family sport. From the outset, we have provided bilingual translations, articles on many topics of interest, like noise in the play areas , court management with long lineups, rules that?? allow our badminton courts to be used for all tournaments ( since they are free in the first place ) and a fresh approach to ranking and ratings – using a more credible format.

Marcel Lemieux – President of Pickleball Quebec ( unmentioned by Pickleball Canada in any of its newsletters) has produced some 45 indoor programs in the Montreal / Quebec city areas and 45 outdoor programs to complement these. This is?? a remarkable achievement for a former Vice President of Pickleball Canada who was a founding?? member of their organization as I was. He is a staunch Canadian , who in spite of a serious illness that prevented him from doing a lot the first year, he rebounded ( as did his wife Louise ) and they have produced a tremendous volunteer?? effort for the sport of Pickleball in ” La Belle Provence “.?? I invite you all to check out?? www.PickleballQuebec.ca?? and click on the English version if appropriate – you will be surprised!

Further to the above comments, the CanadianPickleballFederation.ca which was first registered with Industry Canada and hence official for Canada , is now available to you volunteer for.?? I hope many of you will. Bill MacGregor from South Surrey is President ( ) and ready to include you in this national effort.

Finally, Rita and I wish you and yours a great holiday, health in the New Year and plenty of play-times over the Xmas and New Year breaks. I invite all to bring and play with your families as this is the future of our sport which is for All to enjoy .

Yours in Sport and Health,

Chuck Lefaive


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